Second Opinions

Did a dentist or dental specialist tell you that you needed to have your tooth extracted, but you wish to save your tooth instead? Depending on the severity of your problem, your tooth may be able to be successfully treated with Endodontic therapy. Dr. Kruszewski would love to provide you with a second opinion of your problem, explained in a clear yet easily understood way.

Dr. Kruszewski is the only board certified Endodontist in Tampa, FL and is one of only a few in all of Hillsborough County.  As a result, he has had a chance to develop an extremely thorough understanding of Endodontic research studies, current scientific and clinical evidence, and materials science. This knowledge, paired with his extensive clinical experience, allows Dr. Kruszewski to skillfully examine, diagnose, and treat your dental condition using the best scientific evidence available.

The doctor has access to modern, cutting edge diagnostic equipment such as a Cone Beam CT unit (“3D Xrays”). This allows Dr. Kruszewski to efficiently examine any possible Endodontic problem with your tooth, including reasons why a previously treated root canal might again have an infection.

Recent advancements in microsurgical techniques, specialty equipment, and filling materials allow Dr. Kruszewski to treat more types of tooth infections successfully compared with using older, dated techniques and materials.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Modern Endodontics at 813-960-4397 if you’re interested in obtaining a second opinion of your dental problem. A referral is NOT necessary to schedule an evaluation appointment.