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Patient Reviews

“Matthew Kruszewski is an absolute wizard. The staff from front to back is efficient and friendly. At age sixty-seven I have a lot of experience with dentists, orthodontists, etc. and I have never had such a talented and capable professional perform root canals (my two). Unfortunately, dry mouth from Rx’s can quickly take their toll. Dr. Kruszewski saved two of my teeth that needed care. The office obviously has the latest high-tech tools to make the job correct the first time. If you have a tooth you want to save, the visit to this office is well worth it.”

Robt Dean H.

“I had a great experience with Dr. Kruszewski, during my root canal. He was kind, and asked me if I was comfortable, throughout the whole procedure.”


“I saw Dr. Kruszewski yesterday for a root canal and was so impressed with his caring, gentle demeanor. He was very thorough in explaining to me what was wrong with my tooth and the reason it needed a root canal. He also explained the procedure and answered all of my questions. Since my tooth was actually infected and had become quite uncomfortable I was understandably concerned about the procedure. Dr. Kruszewski was very patient and made sure I was doing ok throughout the entire appointment. He then called me today to follow up and see how I was doing. I would highly recommend this office.”


“No one wants to have a root canal but this office made the entire process very pleasant! Dr. Kruszewski is a master at his craft – I FELT NO PAIN!!! I cannot say enough good things about my experience with this office and this team. I recommend them highly to anyone that needs root canals!”

Christine B.

“Dr. Matthew Kruszewski performed my root canal. As little as we like to have that sort of work done Dr. Matt and the staff made me comfortable and did a fantastic job performing the service. They go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone needing a root canal.”

Brent P.

“Dr. Kruszewski is wonderful. Constantly making sure you’re comfortable and very delicate with his procedures. The Dr even did a follow up call to make sure everything was ok. Although going to the dentist is my least favorite thing to do they made the visit easy!”

Corey S.

“Dr. Kruszewski is an excellent Endodontist. I recently consulted him regarding an infection in an incisor. This particular tooth had received both a root canal and a crown many years ago. I was impressed that this doctor took his time to examine the area thoroughly and recommended two possible procedures, giving reasons in support of each. The day of the surgery I again was impressed with his knowledge. He took his time. He explained everything and told me what I could expect. Superb.”

Elena R.

“I just had root canal #2 with Dr. Krezenski (ALWAYS mess up his name)…..anyway, I must say he is fantastic. I am a white-knuckle flyer with dental, and he is fabulous. Took away my fears!!!!”

Doretta A.

“Most of my life the words Root Canal have been associated with pain, misery and discomfort. Nonetheless I was referred to the practice and the required root canal was performed by Dr. Kruszewski. Comfortable and pain free are only two of many words to describe the  procedure. With luck, I’ll never need another. However, if I do, I’ll call him. Recommend you do too!”.

Ralph C.

“The staff was very friendly and efficient. This was my first root canal and I have to say Dr. Kruszewski made it as pleasant as a root canal could possibly be, he was very gentle and kept me informed. Would definitely see him again although I hope to never have to. Thank you for a painless root canal.”


“I recently had my first root canal performed with Dr. Kruszewski. I was in a serious amount of pain from the infected tooth and very nervous about undergoing the procedure. The office was very comfortable, clean and friendly. Dr. Kruszewski was extremely professional and explained each step of the procedure before and during (even though I was wearing ear phones). Also Dr. Kruszewski knew of another pre-existing condition and was very thorough in explaining the alternative local anesthetics and post procedure care. I think it’s important to mention that this office provides a distraction for those interested… you wear headphones and can watch a movie or listen to music. It certainly helped me to calm my nerves during the root canal. I would certainly recommend this office to my friends and family, but would also strongly suggest flossing daily to avoid needing a root canal in general.”


“Dr. Kruszewski was very nice and did a great job with my root canal. Him and his staff were very nice and caring. I would recommend him.”

Janet C.

“I visited Dr. Kruszewski in February 2016 for a problematic bridge. He determined that I needed a root canal done on one of the teeth under the bridge. Then three months later at the follow-up appointment, I was still having issues with the bridge. Then it was determined I needed a root canal retreat on the other tooth under the bridge. Then at the follow-up for that in February 2017 I was still having problems with the bridge; Dentist took some xray’s and determined the one tooth that he did the root canal retreat on was infected.

This is now over a year later and several thousand dollars out of pocket and two full dental benefits used up on one problematic area. I was told the surgery needed would cost about $1,700. After reviewing all we went through since my first visit, Dr. Kruszewski agreed to not charge me for the surgery. He was also willing to pay for the $125 cost to have the biopsy on the infected tooth checked out. He went way above and beyond and I highly recommend this office to anyone. I have also had my teeth looked at by three different regular dentists and all three had very good things to say about the root canal treatments the doctor worked on. A+++++, highly recommend the doctor and his staff, all are top-notch!”

Sean O.

“These people really know their stuff. I have not been to a root canal specialist like this before. Very nice and caring. Dr. Kruszewski took the time and made the root canal a success, despite a General Dentist telling me to just pull the tooth. VERY nice staff, too”.

Debbie A.

“Dr. Kruszewski was excellent, extremely polite, kind and educated.”

Tiffany C.