New Patients

Welcome to Modern Endodontics! We are excited to meet you and manage your dental problem in a thorough, efficient, and gentle manner.

First Visit

Your initial appointment will last ~1-1.5 hours. We will review your medical/dental history and take a few xrays of the problematic tooth or area. Dr. Kruszewski will then perform a head and neck exam (including an oral cancer screening), and a focused evaluation of the problem area in your mouth. Dr. Kruszewski will then present you with a diagnosis, clearly explain the problem and why it has occurred, and will give you a series of treatment options with the benefits/risks of each.

Usually, your endodontic treatment can be completed immediately after your exam that same day. However, more severely infected teeth may need to be treated over the course of two (or rarely three) visits. Dr. Kruszewski and staff are dedicated to providing you with the most effective scientific evidence-based treatment with the best outcomes possible.

Please bring the following items with you to your first visit:

  • Referral slip and any xrays from your Dentist.
  • A complete list of your current medications and dosages.
  • Your dental and medical insurance cards and information.


  • A parent or guardian must accompany all patients under age 18 at the first visit.
  • If you typically take an oral antibiotic prior to routine dental cleanings, please take your medication one hour before your first appointment with us.
  • If you have any severe medical conditions and are under active care of a physician, please inform our office prior to your first visit; please include contact information for your providers.


Modern Endodontics is proud to be able to quickly and efficiently schedule your first appointment. If you are experiencing pain or swelling, we are usually able to schedule you for examination the same day you contact our office.

Due to the nature of our specialty practice, Dr. Kruszewski manages many emergency and surgical patients. Although we try our very best to stay on schedule, these types of procedures may cause slight delays in the schedule. We appreciate your understanding and patience!

Our office hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm

Friday                         8am – noon

Saturday – Sunday   closed


Please contact Modern Endodontics at 813.960.4397 with any questions and/or to schedule your appointment today!

Financial Policy

The fee for your Endodontic care is determined by the complexity and unique treatment needs for your tooth. This fee will be presented to you at consultation prior to initiating any treatment. In some cases, it may be determined that treatment is no longer necessary or that a different therapy is best for you. It is our office policy to not provide fee information over the phone prior to your visit due to HIPPA law concerns.

Should need for a surgical procedure arise before, during, of after root canal therapy, a separate fee for this treatment will be quoted.

At Modern Endodontics, we deliver the finest Endodontic specialty care at the most reasonable cost to our patients. Payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. For your convenience, we accept checks and all major debit/credit cards. Additionally, we are pleased to offer patient financing through Care Credit. Please ask our front desk if you’d like more information.

Dental Insurance Information

At Modern Endodontics, we make every effort to provide you with the finest specialty care and the most convenient financial options. We work hand-in-hand with you and your dental insurance company to maximize your reimbursement for covered procedures. To ensure this process is as seamless as possible, please bring all of your insurance information with you to your first appointment.

Modern Endodontics is in-network with the following PPO plans:





Blue Cross Blue Shield (FEP Blue Dental)

Dentemax Plus




Connection (GEHA)




Metlife PDP Plus


Renaissance Dental

Sun Life Dental

United Concordia Alliance

United Health Care

We are also pleased to offer Care Credit financing for those patients without insurance who require treatment.

Please give us a call at 813.960.4397 today if you have any questions regarding your first visit!


Dental Insurance FAQ

My dental insurance company sent me a letter explaining they paid me a reimbursement, but I have not yet received it. When do I get my refund?

When Modern Endodontics initially bills your insurance company on your behalf, we request to be reimbursed directly instead of having the payment sent to you. This allows us to better track your reimbursement in a more time efficient manner. We will mail you any refund check we receive from your insurance company shortly after we obtain it. In our experience it can take insurance companies between 2 weeks – 3 months to send us your reimbursement, with an average of about 1 month.

Why doesn’t my dental insurance cover the entire cost of my recommended treatment?

Although your policy is typically called dental insurance, it is not really “insurance” in the traditional sense of covering the cost of a loss after exceeding your required financial contribution (your deductible).

Your dental policy is actually a benefit, or a specific dollar amount of “credit”, for using to help pay for your dental treatment needs. Your employer purchases a particular dental plan yearly (and pays the plan premium) in order to provide the dental benefit coverage to you; generally the higher the premium your employer pays, the greater the coverage you receive towards your treatment. Most benefit plans are designed to cover only a portion of the total cost of your dental treatment, not all of it!

My plan says that my exams and other procedures are covered 100% and you say not necessarily. What gives?

Oftentimes, a dental insurance company will explain that they pay 100%,

80%, or 50% of a procedure fee. Unfortunately, they usually aren’t very clear of what that percentage is based on. Many people mistakenly assume the percentage coverage is simply based on the practice’s fee schedule (i.e. the “cash fee”, or the fee a patient without insurance would be responsible for).

In reality, coverage is based on a special combination of treatment allowances, limitations, and annual maximums for different types of dental procedures. These rules often change between different types of dental insurance plans, making your plan more or less unique.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Purpose: This form, Notice of Privacy Practices, presents the information that federal law requires us to give our patients regarding our privacy practices. {Note: this form may need to be changed to reflect the dental practice’s particular privacy policies and/or stricter state laws.}

We must provide this Notice to each patient beginning no later than the date of our first service delivery to the patient, including service delivered electronically, after April 14, 2003. We must make a good-faith attempt to obtain written acknowledgement of receipt of the Notice from the patient. We must also have the Notice available at the office for patients to request to take with them. We must post the Notice in our office in a clear and prominent location where it is reasonable to expect any patients seeking service from us to be able to read the Notice. Whenever the Notice is revised, we must make the Notice available upon request on or after the effective date of the revision in a manner consistent with the above instructions. Thereafter, we must distribute the Notice to each new patient at the time of service delivery and to any person requesting a Notice. We must also post the revised Notice in our office as discussed above.